For First Time Customers

Leopalace is a real estate agent serving customers, catering mostly for those who are looking for apartments to live alone or families who are looking for 2LDK or 3LDK apartments.
We also offer contract plans not only for personal use, but for companies and corporate dormitories.

Main Features

1.No Agent Fee 2.No Deposit 3.Stress Free Room Search
  • ※Key money is different depending on the apartment.
  • ※There is a 16,200 yen (including tax) contract renewal fee after every contract (every 2 years).

Optional Charges

・LEONET(Interent + CS Channel)・Life Support Service・Insurance
  • ※There is an optional Tenant Security Insurance for 2 years for 15,000 yen (including tax).
  • ※There is an optional Tenant Support System for 2 years for 18,630 yen (including tax).
  • ※LEONET is an optional internet service for 2,268 yen/month (including tax). There is no internet charge for apartments with ADSL or ISDN.

Tenant Support System

There is a free key exchange service and many other support services, including a "Secure Key System" in case you lose your key and a "24 hour Health Consultation Service."

Emergency Plumbing Service
Plumbers are available to serve your plumbing needs right away.
Secure Key System
Locksmiths are available to replace lost keys or lock cylinders right away.
Leopalace Service Center
There is a 24 hour customer service in case of emergency.
Rubbish Removal Service When Moving Out
If the day you are moving out is not the usual rubbish disposal day, we are able to take up to two 45L bags.
24 Hour Health Consultation Service
We can introduce hospitals if you are sick or injured.
Hotel Service
You can stay at certain associated hotels in Japan and Guam for a special price.
Disaster-relief service
We cover the cost for temporary home or resettlement if disasters occur.
Bulb/Fluorescent bulb replacement service
If the light bulb burned out in your room during your stay, we will replace it.

Required Documents

We offer a range of contract plans, not only for individual customers, but also those looking for company housing and dormitories.

Required Documents for Individual Contracts

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Bank passbook
  3. Personal seal
  4. Money for contract
  5. Automobile inspection certificate (Only if car parking is needed)

See "Required Documents for Individual Contracts" for details.

Required Documents for Corporate Contracts

  1. Original copy of the Company Registration
  2. Corporate seal
  3. Proof of Identity
  4. Examination application form
  5. Automobile inspection certificate (Only if car parking is needed)

See "Required Documents for Corporate Contracts" for details.